The House You Choose

Where do you reside as an artist? 

I’m not asking about the business you work for or the coffee house you create at.

I’m talking about the place you write from. 

The place you call home serves to either awaken or numb your heart, your identity, and your creativity. Artists simply can’t create in ways that transcend the realm they live within. 

And there are only two options. Both realms are filled with extremely creative people yet they couldn’t be more different. Let’s start by taking a closer look at the residents within each. 

The first place is bustling with activity. Heads are down – lost in laptops and phones. It feels like time is short. And everything is comparable, competitive, and (seemingly) controllable. There are winners and losers. Those who fall behind are told to try harder and do more. Except it’s never enough. Though everyone here strives for success – it never seems to fully arrive. And what was once exhilarating is now exhausting. 

If you doubt this, just look into their eyes. People here are overwhelmed, disheartened, and isolated. They long to create things for God. But they have forgotten how to pursue their creativity with him. 

I call this the Orphan Realm – a place of fierce independence where residents largely pursue their gifting alone. They have forgotten – or perhaps never discovered – how to create with God as his Sons and Daughters. It’s near impossible for your art to awaken hearts if you as the artist have lost heart and hope.

And then there’s the second realm. The atmosphere is filled with wonder and abundance. The focus here isn’t on doing more but rather being more. Residents don’t strive for validation. They know that doesn’t come from what they do but who they are. Instead, they see their creativity as an active, intimate dance with God. Creating is pointless without him. They seek his presence over their own productivity. The external gives way to the eternal…and art that could never be born in isolation or through formula comes to life through Creative Fellowship with God.  

This is the Freedom Realm. A place of fierce dependence where Sons and Daughters have no interest in creating from their own strength. What worked last time has little bearing on what God is inviting them into the next time. And as they discover their truer identity and how to create with the Creator, their imagination is fueled exponentially.

Now think of the folks you know. Which of these two places do they tend to live? Getting more personal, which sounds most like home to you – the Orphan or the Freedom Realm?

The good news is you get to choose your home. And that decision can change everything.

I have a singular goal for these blog posts. To help you transform the dreams you are pursuing by first transforming the Story you are living.

Are you in? It all starts with the house you choose.