It’s Not Up to You

But it can sure feel like it is. Master enough techniques, figure out the formula, and expand your social media platform enough and you can attain success. 

In other words, we pursue our talent as if it's all up to us. But imagine what it might look like to step into your creativity with a power that isn’t limited to your solutions, strength, or striving.

God created you for union with him. Not one part of your life – including your calling – is dependent on you making it happen apart from him. 

You didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to be creative. You are creative because God created you to be that way. God infused you with specific dreams and passions as a way for the two of you to get to know each other better as you create together. 

This shift to with is essential. Creating with God is different from a quick prayer asking God to bless your work. It is active. It is intimate. You can sense his presence, hear his voice, go at his pace, and let his ideas fuel your imagination. He's not under your timeline…even when you’re on deadline. Are you okay with that? The process will be beautifully disruptive, wonderfully counter-intuitive, often inefficient, and immensely freeing. And the outcome will be transformative – both in the Story you are living and the art you are creating. 

Remember, you are not on your own and it’s not all up to you. The life you have with God will determine the life your art ultimately has. He wouldn’t have it any other way