The Shift to With

Book, Audio, & Video Series

Coming Fall 2019

The Shift to With is your roadmap to big dreams, more freedom, and true success. It is a foundational shift of how we see ourselves, God, and our talents. It's the shift that changes everything.

In Allen's first allegory, The Story of With, he provided micro teaching sections after each chapter called "The Shift to With". In this new work, he expands on the ideas from his groundbreaking book of what it looks like to pursue our identity and creativity actively and intimately with God. 

The content - originally presented live at a gathering in the Texas hill country - will soon be available as a book, audio, and video series. It's ideal for individual use or a small group study. The themes and ideas are divided in six key segments:

  1. The Two Realms

  2. A New Way to See Creativity

  3. Expectancy & Identity

  4. Heart, Intimacy & Inefficiency

  5. The Scars of Your Story

  6. True Success