We change the atmosphere when we bring something new into existence through our presence and gifting. This is true creativity.
— Allen Arnold

 Meet the Author

Allen Arnold is author of the The Story of With and (coming Summer 2019) The Defeat of Chaos. His mission is to awaken the hearts of people to pursue their life and art in freedom as sons and daughters of God. He regularly mentors and speaks to the larger creative community – including one of the most successful Shark Tank companies, writing conferences, and  Dave Ramsey's core marketing team. 

From the mountains of Colorado, he leads Content for Ransomed Heart – a ministry founded by the New York Times Bestselling Author of Wild at Heart, John Eldredge. Before that, Allen spent 20 years in Christian Publishing. As the founding Publisher of Thomas Nelson Fiction, he oversaw the launch of more than 500 novels and received the American Christian Fiction Writers Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. He loves blue oceans, black coffee, hot salsa, and big ideas.



An extraordinary life is never achieved through ordinary choices.
— Allen Arnold

Speaker / Coach


Allen is a popular keynote speaker at creative gatherings, retreats  and strategic business events. The former Publisher of more than 500 Christian Fiction novels also coaches Christian authors the art of co-creating with God. 


The Shift to With


In this new book, audio, & video series releasing Fall 2019, Allen reveals how to shift from simply doing more to pursuing bigger dreams, greater freedom, and truer success...with God. 

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The Story of With


With topics such as "The AHA! Moment", "Get-It-Done Mentality", and "Creativity Redefined", these 3-4 minute films reveal a better way to live and create.


Sparks - Blog Posts


Light your God-given creativity with these 10 sparks of encouragement and insight. Each short article focuses on a key aspect of co-creating with God...to help ignite your imagination and approach to your art.


Don’t create to be known. Create to know.
— Allen Arnold

The Story of With


We go through the day without much much hope, without dreams being realized, without deep friendships, and without experiencing the active presence of God. We're told to run faster, do more, chase success. But we know deep down that isn't the answer.

There is a better way to live, love, and create.



We all have Chaos…or more accurately, it has us.

 Chaos regularly invades our lives. It infuses us with fear. It shuts down our hearts, steals our hope, destroys our dreams, and erodes our creativity. It affects us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Its goal isn’t to distract. It is to destroy us. It seems unrelenting. Yet Chaos has an Achilles’ Heel. 

God doesn’t accept or avoid chaos. He transforms it. As his sons and daughters, we can do the same. 

Through a fantastical allegory fused with teaching, The Defeat of Chaos reveals a better way to respond, re-interpret, and ultimately re-shape the Chaos in our lives. The promise is simple yet profound: it's possible to overcome what overwhelms you.




Easy and best are rarely on the same path
— Allen Arnold

The Shift to With

Book, Audio, & Video Series

Coming Fall 2019

The Shift to With is your roadmap to big dreams, more freedom, and true success. It is a foundational shift of how we see ourselves, God, and our talents. It's the shift that changes everything.

In Allen's first allegory, The Story of With, he provided micro teaching sections after each chapter called "The Shift to With". In this new work, he expands on the ideas from his groundbreaking book of what it looks like to pursue our identity and creativity actively and intimately with God. 

The content - originally presented live at a gathering in the Texas hill country - will soon be available as a book, audio, and video series. It's ideal for individual use or a small group study. The themes and ideas are divided in six key segments:

  1. The Two Realms

  2. A New Way to See Creativity

  3. Expectancy & Identity

  4. Heart, Intimacy & Inefficiency

  5. The Scars of Your Story

  6. True Success


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 Podcast Interviews

This is the place you'll find podcast conversations with Allen about awakening your creativity and pursuing your dreams. And beginning in 2020, it's where you'll find Allen's new weekly podcast show.


"Allen Arnold has created a transformative experience…

Unique and powerful, The Story of With will take readers deep into the discovery of their own identity. Bravo! This fascinating blend of storytelling and teaching will shift the thinking of all who take the journey.

—TED DEKKER New York Times Bestselling Author

 “I’ve read this book upward of seven times…and each has come right as my soul felt dry, or crabby, or hungry for something I couldn’t quite place… So come join me, friend. Pull up a chair around the fire, and feast on a story of MORE. Take notes. Take heart. And let this book be a warm blanket for your soul as you are welcomed home to the place you always knew existed. 

—MARY WEBER Christy & Carol Award-Winning, Scholastic Pick Author of the Storm Siren Trilogy 

“If you’ve longed for greater creativity, hope, and freedom in your life, The Story of With will launch you into a realm you’ve always dreamed of reaching, but couldn’t figure out how to get there. This is your invitation into deeper identity, intimacy, and imagination with God. Like finding the place you’ve always longed to be. The moment you finish this book you’ll race to grab one for a friend. Highest Recommendation.” 

—JAMES L. RUBART Bestselling Author of The Long Journey to Jake Palmer 

“I am so thankful for this book. Through allegory and invitation, Allen Arnold ushers us into a journey of imagination, insight, wonder, and wisdom. Will we live in partnership with God as His child or as an orphan, searching for a life that is beyond the bounds of our own ability to attain? Read The Story of With! As I did, you will recognize yourself in these pages and be called to the more you long for.” 

—STASI ELDREDGE New York Times Bestselling Co-Author of Captivating 

 “Allen has written a roadmap for dreaming with God. The Story of With is a beautiful revelatory parable, filled with wonder, mystery and adventure. I was often stirred to remember that with God, all impossibilities are possible. If you have lost your way or are navigating between hope and heart-sickness, The Story of With is for you. It is a transformational book that will inspire you to live fulfilled in hope.”

—JASON CLARK Author of Prone To Love Untamed Lead Communicator at AFamilyStory.org

“We all have at least one thing, (or a hundred) that we’d like to improve, change or simply rid ourselves of. This allegory gives us practical tools, while entertaining us, and reminding us that our best way to freedom is to actually free ourselves from ourselves and let God in. It’s a story that truly takes us somewhere new and brings us back changed and prepared for the dreams and goals we’ve put aside for too long. Allen Arnold has tapped into some core issues of all of us that want more, but expect it differently than we get it.”

—JAMES ARNOLD TAYLOR Actor/Entertainer/Speaker (Voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Fred Flintstone, Johnny Test)

 “In a world where so many are merely surviving, Allen Arnold hands us an inspired invitation. Through clever use of allegory, The Story of With not only challenges the status quo, it awakens us to a new way, a better way, a vital way of living and creating. It is water for the wrung dry, fresh air for the overwhelmed, and courage for all. I am forever changed by this message.”

—KATIE GANSHERT Award-winning Author of The Art of Losing Yourself 

“For the seeking. The secretly discontent. The wandering, restless hearts. The Story of With is for you. As a former jet-setting corporate consultant for a Fortune-100 Company, this book came at the perfect time in my career-change journey. Allen’s words proved inspiring, and carried a message of presence with God over productivity that will mend the hearts of creatives and calling-seekers everywhere. A must- read book for anyone desiring a closer walk WITH God.” 

—KRISTY CAMBRON Award-winning Author of The Ringmaster’s Wife and the A Hidden Masterpiece series