The Story of With

Most of us are stuck in a story of without.

We go through the day without much much hope, without dreams being realized, without deep friendships, and without experiencing the active presence of God. We're told to run faster, do more, chase success. But we know deep down that isn't the answer.

There is a better way to live, love, and create.

You don't need to downsize your dreams. You don't need more lessons. You need an awakened heart. And that starts by realizing the very things you're most passionate about are actually your invitation into a life of deeper identity, intimacy, and imagination with God. As you discover who you were created to be, you'll join a growing bohemian fellowship pursuing their heart and art in new ways. 

The Story of With is your roadmap for understanding your story (it's far more mythic than you might think) and dreaming bigger dreams. It's a fantastical allegory fused with practical application that offers fresh perspective, restored hope, and a rebirth of creativity. It's a journey into greater freedom, bigger dreams, and truer success.

The Story of With - available in paperback, e-book, and audio formats at Amazon.com and Audible.com